Nerd Bucket List – 7 Things Every Nerd Should Try Before They Die (or are Cryogenically Frozen)

Ok, so that’s something of a morbid title and while we’re not expecting you to pop your clogs any time soon and shuffle off this earthly coil, we thought it would be fun to start a Nerd Bucket List; a list of things that you should definitely do before you die. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means – in fact, it’s anything but that. We just wanted to get you thinking about what it is you’d put on your list. Feel free to add anything to this list in the comments. We’d love to get your feedback!


Go to San Diego Comic Con

Yes we know it’s not about the comics any more, we know that the TV companies, the toy distributors and the publicity people have taken it over so it’s more like Entertainment Con than anything else. It’s jam packed full of people, the food is overpriced, you have to wait for two hours just to get to a panel and it’s a s**t-fight just to get to the toilets. So why go?

Because it’s San Diego Comic Con man! It’s nerd mecca and despite the fact that it’s overpriced and there are too many people and it’s not about the comics, those aren’t reasons not to go. Stripped back from all of the promotional stuff, Comic Con still has heart and that’s because of the people who attend year in, year out. People who have grown up going to SDCC and now bring their kids

It’s awesome. It’s one of the most hectic, fun-filled, exhausting weekends you’ll ever have in your entire life but it’s completely worth it just to nerd out on all the cool stuff that’s there. Artists Alley, the panels, the coolest cosplays you’ll ever see in your life, the people you’ll meet and make friends with for life, the sheer scale of the whole thing and of course, the swag! If you only go once, you should go. It will honestly stay in your mind as one of the best experiences of your life. Warning: Trying to get a member ID and a ticket will shave considerable years off your life, so don’t say we haven’t warned you.

Heroes Con

If Comic Con really isn’t your thing and you’re just a die-hard comic collector, then you have to get to Heroes Con in North Carolina. Started 30 years ago by Shelton Drumm, Heroes Con is beloved by comic book fans for being ‘legit’. It should absolutely be on your list of ‘Cons To See Before I Die. It took place just last weekend so to get you in the mood and ready for next year, make sure you read the following articles. These will get your blood pumping and we promise you, you’ll have booked a ticket to North Carolina before the weekend is through!

Comics Alliance’s Chris Sims recounts his experience at Heroes Con and gleefully boasts about his considerably impressive haul at this years con.Readit and weep (literally).

Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnson learned some valuablelessons this year on his first trip to North Carolina

Joe the Peacock, the man who let the cat out of the bag with his article on TheBestComicConventionyouveNeverAttended.

Play a MMORPG Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game

Sure it doesn’t trip off the tongue and these games might dredge up connotations of middle-aged men living in their mother’s basements but MMORPGs are so much fun! They’re also becoming a lot more mainstream now thanks in part to World of Warcraft’s massive advertising campaigns, so try one out before it loses its nerdiness. The beauty of a MMORPG is that you can create an entire back story around your character and completely immerse yourself in their world. Yes, it’s escapism but so what. Where else can you battle demons and trolls and have this much fun?


Learn Klingon

Even if you’re not a Trekkie, you should definitely try learning Klingon with its gutteral sounds and odd sentence structure. The language was created by Mark Okrand at the behest of Paramount Pictures for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek:The Next Generation.

You should pick yourself up a copy of the Klingon dictionary. For the collectors among you, you might like to try to source the first edition which was printed in 1985. If you can get one of those, let us know. We so want one!

Here’s something to aspire to: Okrand himself is said not to be fluent in Klingon so if you can beat him you will be one of approximately a dozen people on the planet who are fluent in Klingon. Now THAT’S an achievement!

Start a podcast

Inflict yourself on the internet with the intention of becoming famous for your in-depth knowledge of Kevin Smith films only to realise your fore-nerds got there before you. You can still have fun with it though. Invite your friends, make it a party. That’s the beauty of the internet – anybody can be famous for at least 15 seconds (look at Justin Bieber), you just need an internet connection and you’re set!

Solve the rubix cube.

Solve it without taking it apart or transferring the stickers around. Hours of fun, yes. Hours of frustration will follow though when you realise that this contraption was designed to baffle you and make you feel intellectually inferior. When you realise that you can’t solve it, feel free to wallow in your own misery by watching this youtube video of this three year old Asian kid who can solve it in 114 seconds. And she didn’t even have to leave the comfort of her high chair.

Back to back Star Wars

You cannot claim membership of the nerd club without having watched Star Wars back-to-back. Simple as. Even now, when we have 3D movies and special effects galore, you have to admit that George Lucas is a veritable genius for what he achieved at the time.

P.S: In case you were wondering, the term ‘bucket list’  comes from the idiom ‘to kick the bucket’, meaning to die – something of a euphemistic expression. If anybody knows the first person to die from kicking a bucket, we’d be most grateful if you would enlighten us. Answers on a postcard please. Or as the Klingons would say, “QIn ‘echletHom jang.”

‘Til Later 🙂


9 Best Nerd Sites on the Interweb

Never let it be said we don’t do anything for you guys! Whether you’re out of the nerd closet and proudly wear your nerdiness on your sleeve or if you have yet to let your friends know that you’d rather watch all of the Star Wars movies back-to-back than go to the latest club, we’ve compiled a list of the best websites to keep you on top of nerdy/geek current affairs. Consider this your ultimate nerd news channel. You’re welcome.

Comic Booked

In terms of comic book review, Comic Booked is right up there with the best of them. Don’t be fooled by the name – they’re not just comic book readers but podcasters, gamers and massive toy fans too. They have a huge team of incredible nerds led by Jordan DesJardins. They rock. And you should rock with them too. There’s nothing more to say. Check them out at

MTV Geek

An offshoot of the hugely popular MTV juggernaut, MTV Geek was launched in 2010. Some said it was thanks to the MTV name that it gained such a substantial following but in truth, nerdette extraordinaire, and comic book editor Valerie Gallaher has guided it from the beginning to the dreamy heights of success it’s reached today. Known for her pull-no-punches approach to reviewing comic books, Gallaher has curated a top-notch team of writers and contributors to cover all the latest in pop culture news, reviews, conventions and gaming.

Get thee to the Geek on

Nerd Reactor

Featuring news and reviews on movies, video games and comics, all written in an invariably witty writing style, Nerd Reactor will make your day more interesting just for being there. It’s up-to-date, it’s topical and always has something fun/witty/interesting to say at least once a day. They also always have the most hilarious posts on Facebook. Don’t like them if your sensibilities are easily offended. Go to to check them out.


If you haven’t heard of Nerdist, get out of the room. Now.

Ok, seriously come back, we have something awesome to tell you. So, Nerdist is like a mish-mash of all of these awesome writers and podcasters who have come together to make geeky heaven. It’s truly fantastic and a great site to add to your general reading/listening. It’s also becoming a juggernaut nerd site – everything we used to listen to is gradually becoming amalgamated with Nerdist. Which is no bad thing. It just means that you have all your (soon-to-be) favorite channels in the one place. It won’t make you smarter, just nerdier. You’ll be no use in a general knowledge pub quiz but it’ll make you a happier person. Click on

Geeks are Sexy

The title tells us what we all knew already, but in case you were in any doubt there’s a picture of a very suggestive young lady sitting right next to the logo. Just in case there were any Doubting Thomas’s lurking about.

Quite aside from the ‘sexy secretary’ look which if nothing else has brightened up many a dreary day, Geek Are Sexy covers tech, science and social news. Not alone that but they cover cosplay in some detail as well as attending some conventions – Denver Comic Con being the most recent. The site evolved from a Canadian blog and while it’s mainly aimed at IT pros and Computer professionals, it’s still well worth a look even if you’re not either. Trust us! Go to for more.


Face it, you’ll never be able to spell the name if this site properly because there are just too many o’s. Spelling aside, we definitely insist that you check out this complete nerd-fest in all its awesomeness. It doesn’t just cover comics but anime/manga, games and toys too. They do fantastic, comprehensive reviews of all the above AND they’ll take suggestions if there’s something in particular you want them to review. What else do you want? Check them out on

(For the record, there are 5 o’s in Kabooooom)

The Mary-Sue

Here’s one for the girls! Well not just the girls. The Mary-Sue is the ‘guide to girl geek culture’ but we definitely know a few guys who have been known to peruse the plethora of nerdy goodness found on its pages. To be frank, The Mary Sue can be absolutely hilarious.  It’s essentially a site with tonnes of really cool, funny, intelligent writers including Jill Pantozzi. Whether you’re a guy or a gal or you’re just not sure, get over to the The Mary-Sue at

This isn’t a definitive list by any means. Tell us what you think. Start a discussion here and let us know what you think are the best nerd websites. We undoubtedly missed some awesome ones from the list above. There could potentially be a list of the top 100 but really, who has the time?? Let us know what you think.

With as much nerd love as possible. ❤

Kerrie & the Curicon Team

The Week in Brief

Ron Burgandy - once again NOT reading the Curicon News

The week in brief from Curicon;

Happy burger Friday everybody! Well, you may not be having burgers but we certainly are. Sitting down by the creek Huck Finn-style chomping on potential coronaries wrapped in greasy paper, watching the ducks and the world go by. James Stewart was right; it’s a wonderful life.

So what have we been doing this week I hear you ask? Oh this and that. Just the usual you know; creating awesome new user features just so you can curate your own collection. Our library catalogue is growing at a rapid rate so keep checking in with us and continually add to your collection, or at the very least your wishlist.

So, another week has flown rapidly by. This is exciting because it brings us ever closer to the date when we bring you lots of cool features to the site. It also brings us closer to the night when we can get 8 hours full-uninterrupted sleep, breath a sigh of relief… and tackle the next Curicon challenge. And no, we can’t tell you what that is just yet J

For the procrastinators among you, here is our weekly round-up of videos guaranteed to be a time-suck but also definitely worth watching,;

Take a look at Frankie and Dottie as they try to work the ‘tweet machine’. It’s like looking at your granny. Or for Kerrie, it’s like a flash-forward into her future…

Bohemian Rhapsody like you’ve never seen it sung before;

Watching the Avengers trailer more times than could be considered normal;

And checking out cool Lego creations


Nerds we’ve been loving this week;

So we made some more new friends this week. Because we’re so nice that everybody wants to be our friend (or maybe they just want to play with our cool toy collection???)… Either way, this week we met Leonardo Ramirez, talented Sci-Fi and Fantasy author. He’s the author of Jupiter Chronicles and Haven of Dante. If you get a chance you should take a look at his pitch for self-publishing on Indie Gogo. He’s super-nice, really talented and absolutely guaranteed to be one of the next big authors. You heard it here first folks!

For you Nerdy Nerds out there….if you haven’t done so already, you just definitely check out the Crazy Sexy Geeks podcast. Whether you’re an old hand at this nerd buzz or you’ve just started getting your geek on, the lovely Alan Kistler and the lovelier Jill Pantozzi combine dating advice with the latest in entertainment news. Not to be missed 🙂

We have also been reading the hilarious advice column/web comic Dear Dinosaur that you can read here. It’s written by Ryan L. Schrodt who is currently in the process of bringing Dear Dino from the web to the actual world. Well… he’s bringing a real comic out…not…yeah, you know.

On that completely random note we will leave you. Feel free to send all comments and suggestions on a postcard (or email). Gifts via mail  🙂

Have an awesome week!

The week in brief from Curicon HQ*…

This week we have mainly been coding and developing some awesome new features for the site, watching more youtube clips than can possibly be considered healthy, doing a bit more coding, being jealous of all the peeps on Twitter who are going to C2E2 and chatting with some really fun Curicon followers. We also had a photoshoot with some really cool characters. They moved in this week and they don’t take up too much space. But their language is atrociously foul. Here they are;

And a few more…

Saving the world!

He of the Scandinavian good looks

We currently have 106,788 items in the Curicon Library of collectables which we like to think is fairly awesome progress since January this year.  So far, our categories include Action Figures, Plushies, Dolls, Vinyl Toys, Comic Books, Warhammer, Scale Models, Lego, Manga, Trading Cards, Video Games, Digital Pets (for all those 90’s kids out there) and Games Consoles to name just a few. Take a cruise around the site and if there’s anything you think we should have on the site or anything you want to contribute, let us know here. Curicon is built by collectors for collectors and we really want to hear any feedback you might have, good or bad; just don’t make us cry. Or he shall smite you….The best part of today is that it’s Friday. Not alone is it Friday but it’s ‘Burger Friday’-a Curicon ritual designed to delight and distract us from the aforementioned activities. A ritual where silliness is not just a possibility but also a requisite. It usually involves the Curicon imps digging around the creek trying to get a look at the resident lizards (no that’s not a metaphor, there really are lizards).

This is Matt in his hat. Not a lizard

This is a Lizard. Not Matt













In an impressive bout of name-dropping, we have to tell you that we had the good fortune to make friends this week with the lovely Alex Zalben, he of Elephant Larry & Comic Book Club fame (yes, we know you’re jealous and frankly, you should be). He’s even nicer than we thought he could possibly be. And yes, we’re gushing a little bit but it’s allowed.

He also looks much more real than this picture would have you believe

Youtube videos we’re loving this week…

An anthem for geeks and nerds everywhere, the multi-talented Felicia Day (is there anything this woman can’t do?) and The Guild, “I’m the one that’s Cool”

Honestly, this will just turn you to mush inside. The cutest, smartest kid who has his own games arcade made from cardboard. We challenge you not to love it.

And not just because he’s our new best friend (BFF might be pushing it but you never know) but also because it’s an awesome episode, here’s the first @Nerdist Channel episode of Comic Book Live

Lest you think we’re simply coasting along watching Youtube videos, we have also been hard at work developing new features for Curicon that promise awesomeness, cult-like passion and a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Trumpet-blowing much? There’s no room for modesty here so if that’s your bag, move along. Nothing to see here 🙂

Keep checking in with us to see what we’re up to. Or just stop by to say hello. We like meeting new friends. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+

*WARNING: Read this on your lunch break. We’re not sure how easily you can pass off watching youtube videos as ‘work’. Unless you’re Kevin Alloca.

A new era in collectables

aka The Legend of Matt, the Magical Collector Imp

About us you ask? Well, we’re just a bunch of nerds who are fanatical about collecting. We love pop art, pop culture, comic books, gaming, KidRobot, Manga, etc. We’re not very old however some of us recall with fondness the days when you had to get off the phone to use the internet . Others among us remember the pre-Napster days of recording our favourite songs from the radio onto a tape recorder while willing the DJ not to talk over the track. The younger ones among us think that books are ‘retro’.

 This is a blog. A very sparse one as yet but we hope to rectify that soon-ish. This blog is here, mainly as a distraction from important work we should be doing, but also as a means of logging our quest to take over the world. Or at the very least conquer a significant portion of it. A ‘Dear Diary’ if you will…

Let me tell you a story. Not that long ago, on a sunny island on the Northern Beaches lived a little collector imp. We’ll call him Matt. Matt lived down by the creek with an impressive collection of hats. He had collected hats from all over the world and when he was feeling whimsical, he would wear two at the one time. He could be crazy like that.

Living with Matt at the Creek were three other collector imps; John, Glenn and, because no tale would be complete without a lovely heroine, there was a beautiful dark-haired impette called Aimee.

Matt liked to collect things, like comic books. Nothing made Matt  happier than to go to all the different markets out there and find his favourite comics. Aimee would go along and add to her collection of KidRobots, Glenn had a thing for metal and John, being the quintessential impettes-man would come along and charm the collector impettes.

The three friends found that sometimes it was easy to find what they were looking for but often, it was nigh on impossible. They would meet other collector imps who would empathise with them that it was so difficult to find anything you needed. But nobody seemed to have a solution to the problem. It seemed like it was getting more and more difficult to find anything for your collection. Why was it so difficult? It was a conundrum. Even Glenn was finding it difficult to add little bits of metal to his pile.

Matt felt sure that the problem wasn’t that there weren’t any collectables but that they were so scattered across all the different markets in the world, that they were proving impossible to find. Being an industrious little imp, and a hard-core collector, Matt made it his business to find a solution to the problem so that he and his friends could complete their collections and live happily ever after. He decided that, as with all epic tales involving a search, this one required a long walk.

He set off from the creek early one morning, bringing with him his collection of hats, a rare copy of Spiderman #1 and an unnamed energy drink so that he would have enough stamina to fulfil his quest. He traversed mountain-y terrain, swam through treacherous rivers and fought off fearsome chihuahuas  who mistook him for a postman. He traveled until it got dark and his energy fuel had run out. At this stage, he was a long way from home and it would be foolhardy to try to get back to the creek under cover of darkness. He was also not any closer to finding an answer to the interminable problem; where can collectors collect? He decided that he should rest for the night and so, finding a warm cave he settled down for the night on some dry leaves to read his Spiderman comic.

It was dry and warm in the cave and Matt was just becoming really sleepy when he heard the faint sounds of the Super Mario theme song. Rising from his make-shift in bed in some trepidation, Matt moved slowly further into the cave. He carefully felt his way over large boulders, ducked his head to avoid crashing into the bats who lived in the cave and followed the distinctive digital bleeps of the 1990’s video game. As he reached what felt like the back of the cave, he lost his footing, stumbled and fell headlong into a colossal pit.

Once he had regained consciousness, and his eyes had become accustomed to the gloom, Matt realised that he was lying on a treasure trove of collectables including Action Figures, KidRobot, Comic Books, Manga, Games Consoles, Video Games (including the aforementioned Super Mario game), Vinyl Toys, Plush Toys, LEGO, Posters, DVDs, Digital Pets and much more. It was every collectors dream but…it was also anarchy. Aside from being quite the comic book connoisseur and avid hat fanatic, Matt is quite an organised individual. So he had a thought; why not organise all of these collectables so that they are in their own categories and make it a place where all his collector friends could hang out, make new friends, swap/share/sell their items, get advice from other collectors and generally, you know, collect.

His exhaustion forgotten he leaped up, scrambled out of the cave and ran as fast as his little imp legs would carry him back to the creek, where fellow imps John, Glenn and Aimee were waiting for him. Breathlessly, Matt described his adventure, leaving out the bit about the chihuahua in case anybody judged him, and told them a tale of a wonderful cave filled with everything they had ever dreamed of. He began to describe his vision of a world where people could come together and share their passion and feel part of something amazing.

Needing no further encouragement, the other three immediately agreed to help Matt organise, collect, sort, file, and make awesome the new place for all of their friends.  They gathered their stuff and started on the long road back.

On their way back to the cave, they came across a wandering impette at the side of the road. She spoke with an Irish accent and had hair whiter than the sun (natural, of course). They first had to ascertain that she wasn’t in fact a leprechaun (because leprechauns are renowned for their trickiness and would be no help in creating this awesome community). She explained to them in her thick Irish accent that she was lost and looking for somewhere to call home. In an effort to stop her talking so much, the three friends told her about their magical cave and brought her along on their adventure.

They called it Curicon. It is a place of magical adventure, a place for collectors to call home and somewhere where everybody is welcome to hang out.

Other collector imps heard about this wonderful place and turned up with wagon-loads of their individual collections, looking for a place to meet other imps. Now Matt, Aimee, John, Glenn and Kerrie are busy at work creating the world of Curicon. It’s a fun and happy place where nobody is ever sad and nobody has really grown up.  Come join us on our adventure at



P.S: We’re creative, not delusional. Some of this blog constitutes substantial creative license on our part. Except the part about the hats. Matt quite likes those. So feel free to send him some 🙂

PPs: That awesome cartoon of Matt is by the lovely Leilani Krenn. You can check her art out at