Collecting Batman Redbat Cards – 1966

Stephan (Shadow) from Comics Price Guide recounts his first foray into the world of non-sports trading cards.

It was 1966…I was 12 years old and we were visiting my aunt and uncle’s house and showing off my brand new baby brother. My cousin, Lana, was a couple of years older than me, and while the parents talked and brought each other up to date, I gravitated over to the corner of the room where she was playing with some sort of cards…
As I got closer, I saw she was sorting some trading cards…but they didn’t look like the baseball cards I had been collecting for several years. These had Batman and Robin and other characters! Being a huge Batman fan, I was instantly intrigued…
She was sorting out her duplicates from collection…both Batman cards and some Casper cards she had collected. The Casper cards were from 1960, but she hadn’t put together many of those, and had duplicates of most of them. The Batman cards she had stacks of, and she showed me how she sorted them and put them in numerical order…

We looked at them and worked with them for at least two hours…making stacks and writing down which ones were missing.

We had a great time with them, and when we were done, Lana grabbed a stack of her duplicate Casper cards and a stack of her duplicate Batman cards and gave them to me for helping her. I was in seventh heaven…and to this day she is still one of my favorite cousins.
That started it for me with non-sports trading cards. Decades later, and hundreds of additional sets, boxes and packages of non-sports cards…I still have those original cards. My Batman set is complete a couple of times over now…but I still haven’t finished that Casper set…
Stephan (Shadow)

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Is it checkmate for Batman or the Joker?

Eaglemoss publications, who are already known for their award winning DC Superhero collection,  recently released a DC Chess Collection which holds massive appeal for any comic book fan.

We were really excited to open the package up when it arrived and take gazillions of photographs, just for you guys! The first special edition included Batman and The Joker, complete with a 16-page magazine detailing Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns

Hand-painted, metallic resin, the pieces are a nice weight and a good size. They’re not too heavy but solid enough that they don’t feel cheap. That being said, I did think the paintwork could have been better. Batman’s crest in particular was lacking in some detail I thought but maybe I’m just being pedantic.

It still wouldn’t stop me from collecting the entire set though. The chess set would be an amazing addition to anybody’s collection, albeit a bit expensive. But when did expense ever weigh on a collector’s mind??  😀

Here, for your viewing pleasure are pictures of the first issue pieces.

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NYCC 2012!

Well, we made it to the other side! One whole week of very little sleep, amazing people, bizarre and brilliant cosplays and we made it through NYCC. Below are some pics of the entire weekend!

Midnight Screening of the Dark Knight Rises

This is not a film review. Because quite frankly, I’d be too afraid of spoiling the movie for anybody and I truly believe everybody should go see The Dark Knight Rises without any expectations. I will say this though; for me, it was exponentially better than Avengers, which I loved so ….there! And yes, I’ll go see it again!

Last night, myself and the Curicon team attended the Kings Comics midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises which was awesome. Kings Comics really pulled out all the stops with prizes and cosplay competitions for those who had gone to the trouble to dress up. The hardcore fans had been waiting in line since 9 o’clock, playing cards, eating snacks and generally just having a good time. The excitement was palpable and so many people had dressed up in amazing outfits that it was difficult to know where to look.

There’s something truly amazing about attending a highly-anticipated movie with real fans. Everybody was hyper waiting to be let into the theatre. I wish Christopher Nolan had been there to hear everybody laughing at the lighter moments, feel the tension in the room at crucial parts of the plot and be there for the thunderous applause at the very end. In short, it was epic!

Check out our photos from the screening!

The TOP SECRET competition envelope exclusively for fans of Curicon and Kings Comics

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Bats in His Belfry? – Curicon interviews Dr. Travis Langley, author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark And Stormy Knight

Travis looking so excited to meet Matt!

It’s Day One of Comic Con, so Curicon met up with superherologist Dr. Travis Langley at San Diego Comic Con to discuss his recently released book Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight. We settle down for a chat with the superherologist to discuss the advantages of interpreting the psychology of a fictional character over a real person, the villains of the Batman universe and what’s next for the Super Hero psychologist and all round nice guy.

I’m sure it’s the question that everybody asks you but what is it about Batman that made you write an entire book on psychology? What is it about a fictional character that makes you write a book on psychology in the real world?

It’s easy to explain why it’s Batman as opposed to other superheroes. Stan Lee brought a lot of dimensions to his characters in the sixties at a time when a lot of superheroes were quite two-dimensional but Batman is defined by his psychology whereas Superman is defined first by his powers. Spider man has a very rich personality but he’s defined by the fact that he was this kid who got bitten by a radioactive spider.

Batman made himself into a superhero and turned himself into this bat thing that he is. Peter Parker did not ask to get bitten by a spider, Superman did not ask to get rocketed to Earth . Ok, Batman did not ask to have his parents killed but he DID decide to become this bat.

How does this relate to real psychology?

Well, one thing I can talk about in psychology of a fictional character in the way I couldn’t with real people, is the fact that we see thought balloons. We know things about this person’s thoughts that we couldn’t know otherwise.

If you were to write a book and go back and analyse Ted Bundy – a worthwhile thing to do – but all we know about his thoughts are what he’s told us and he lied a lot. With Batman we see a thought bubble and we know what was going on inside his head. Also, Bruce Wayne can’t sue me!

I can address things with a fictional character in ways that I couldn’t with real people. I can speculate in ways that would be unfair to a live person, or their survivors or their victims. This being one of the most famous fictional characters in the world, you’ve got the fact that you don’t have to explain a lot of things [about his background],

And it’s not just him. You’ve got this whole rogues gallery of other characters through his entire life. You get to look at different aspects of psychology and not just the mental illness but also developmental psychology, social psychology, and many other things.

So, I guess to reverse the question, was it Batman who got you interested in psychology?

No, to ask me when I got interested in Batman is like asking me when I got interested in ice-cream. It’s just something that was always there for me.  He was Adam West on TV when I was little and he was just …there.

So being introduced to Batman as Adam West, on the TV show how does that make you feel about the darker incarnations of Batman now?

I can still enjoy it [the darker versions of Batman]. But I can understand the people who don’t. For people who were 13 or 15 growing up with the Adam West TV show, I can understand them being appalled by that [new] approach. 

What is it about Batman that has held people’s interest for almost 70 years?

Well, we want heroes. And we don’t just want heroes in the daytime. We need heroes in the dark. If you’re getting bullied as a little kid, you don’t just want that bully to stop. You want somebody to scare that bully and make that bully feel the way you feel. Batman’s the part of us that wants to make somebody do that to the bullies.

What about the psychopaths he comes up against? I’m interested in the psychology of Two-Face. What’s your take on him?

What I focused on with him is locus of control, our tendency to attribute causality, to take internal responsibility or external responsibility for our actions.

The main thing with him is I really think he’s somebody with an internal locus of control. He does, at heart, take personal responsibility but after this horrible thing happens to him and he wants to do these bad things, he doesn’t want to accept that responsibility that at heart he feels is his.

So do you find his character more interesting than the straight-up psychopathic Joker?

It’s hard not to be interested by The Joker. With The Joker there are so many things you can talk about. The main thing with the Joker would be to outline why in fact he would be considered legally sane. Most of Batman’s enemies, they get locked up in Arkham Asylum but most of them would qualify as actually legally sane. They know what they’re doing, they know it’s wrong,

When the Joker kills you he knows that you’re not a brain-sucking creature out to get him. He knows what  he’s doing and he likes it. He’s bizarre. He has a bizarre way of thinking and doing things but he knows what he’s doing. One of the interesting things about him is his effect on other people. He affects Jason Todd. He affects Harley. For example. what exactly is the relationship between Harley and the Joker? Why did a smart woman go the way she went?

The Joker is a force of chaos in the entire Bat Universe  in which we don’t that much about what goes on in his head as with others. We don’t know his history. All we ever get are inconsistent lies. In ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ he says “sometimes I remember one way, sometimes I remember another, if I have to have a past I prefer it to be multiple choice”. And it’s just as well we don’t know. Jerry Robinson who created the Joker, told me he never had any origin in mind. Even the bit about him falling in acid, some other people came up with that later on. They thought it best that you don’t know because with him (The Joker) what’s interesting is how he affects others.

Moving away from Batman’s villains and onto his young male friends, what’s your opinion on Batman having a sidekick?

In terms of narrative and for story-telling purposes, Robin was created because Bill Finger got tired of writing thought balloons! But it humanizes the character, even as odd as it seems having a child running around fighting crime.

The thing with Robin is this is a story about a boy. This is the story about somebody becoming a hero, somebody going through the hero’s journey, that archetypal path.  With superheroes like Batman and so forth, you’ve got a hero-complete essentially. It’s a bit like Jesus; he’s a kid, then he’s grown. You don’t really see much in between. People don’t tell the stories in between very much with Batman but with Robin you’ve got the story of somebody who’s very much becoming a hero.

So what’s next for you? More books? More Batman? Or is Batman forever?

I’ve got other books I want to do. It’s a matter of me sitting down with my publisher and deciding from the things I want to do and what matches what movies are coming out. There are a couple of things I want to do that they say, “that’ll be great in three years time when such-and-such movie is coming out”. But nothing’s been decided just yet.

Any Spiderman books in your future? [Token fan boy question from Matt here]


I do want to write a Spiderman book. I want to write about all of the three best-known superheroes; Batman, Spiderman and Superman. With Superman though you’re venturing into a more mythical area, moving further away from real world. Also, most people don’t know his enemies outside Lex Luther and that makes it more of a challenge. Spiderman won’t be as hard.

And with a final flourish he signed a copy of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight for us. Here’s the plug: available now from all good book stores.

Competition Time for Batman Fans!!

OK, Batman Fans, it’s competition time!! Our friends at Kings Comics have very kindly given us 2 tickets to the Midnight Screening of The Dark Knight Rises on Wednesday 18th at HOYTS BROADWAY CINEMAS in Sydney.To be in with a chance to win, tell us the Curicon ID number of this Batman comic book cover. We’ll give you a hint; you’ll find it here 🙂

All correct answers will be put into a draw and the winner of this fantabulous prize will be announced on Friday evening 13th July at 5pm! GOOD LUCK!

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A competition that’s not a competition, Supanova and some other stuff…

Happy Friday nice folks! What’s everybody doing for the weekend?

That gratuitous question leads me nicely onto telling you what we’re doing this Saturday and Sunday – going to Supanova Sydney!!

Yes, we will be reveling in the smorgasbord of delight that is Australia’s biggest pop culture convention. A veritable cornucopia of nerds, a gaggle of geeks, a tardis of Whovians…and whatever else you’re having yourself will descend upon Olympic Park for one of the best weekends in Sydney outside of Mardis Gras.

We’re a small bit excited in case you haven’t guessed. Our wigs are at the ready and the excitement is almost too much. Because we’re not remotely as talented as the cosplayers who’ll be at Supanova, what with not being able to sew and all, we had to get a bit creative with the outfit choice so…we’re going as nerds. It left us with no other choice but to wear our own clothes. We will however be sporting the latest nerd look of the con season which is….

Just a little photo shoot we did you know

Yes, people. We have our very own Curicon t-shirts. They’re not just any t-shirts though. They’re issue#1 t-shirts. Yes, they’re limited edition. We only got 50 printed and no, they’re not for sale. Is this the ultimate nerd act? – Creating collectible t-shirts?

Check these babies out!! Yes, that’s right, “Issue #1”. You heard us!

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of various people wearing them. We’ll be posting pictures of some of our (and your) favourite nerds wearing the Curicon t-shirts. We also got tank tops for the girls. Girl Nerd Problem: Finding cool t-shirts for girls! So we solved that problem.

If you’d like a limited edition Curicon t-shirt, just let us know. We can’t promise one for everybody because well…there ARE only 50 of them and we’ve promised some to other people. But if you REEEEALLLY want an issue #1, drop us an email ( and tell us why you should get a t-shirt; the reasons can be as crazy or pedestrian as you like. But get emailing

Dear Curicon, gimme a t-shirt! Sincerely yours…

Like, if you’re going to the Great Wall of China on a vacation, will you promise faithfully to wear the t-shirt and get a cheesy holiday shot taken?? If you’re not going that far, you could just promise us that you’ll send us a photo of you in your Curicon t-shirt on the Great Wall of your Back Garden. Or feel free to go planking in it –we don’t mind! But um…please wear pants. Thanks.

We concur with this cat

We have 10 to give away – 5 for the boys and 5 for the girls! The most creative/funny/crazy /downright bizarre will more than likely win this. And the judge’s decision is final AND arbitrary. We’re not open to bribes (unless it’s a lifetime pass to Comic Con).

The giveaway ends when we’ve given away all of the t-shirts. You won’t know you’ve won until you receive the t-shirt in the mail some day soon and all your dreams come true! So be sure to include your full name and address in the email to us. And your shirt size. So you don’t end up like this…

We hope to leave Supanova with some serious collectors swag, which we promise to share with you on Facebook! In the meantime, check out some of the new items we’ve added to the Curicon Library during the week at the suggestion of some of you guys. Aimee is the Library Machine – she’s just been making the library colossal over the past few weeks and she’s not even close to finishing!! Check these out!

Batman V – Zipline Release

Ukido Ninja Warriors

Marvel Comics – Astonishing Spiderman and Wolverine

Living Dead Dolls

That’s it for now – have an awesome weekend you guys and keep the suggestions for the site coming!! Much nerdy love to you all. Kerrie xxxx