NYCC 2012!

Well, we made it to the other side! One whole week of very little sleep, amazing people, bizarre and brilliant cosplays and we made it through NYCC. Below are some pics of the entire weekend!


Curicon To Launch Free Collectors Marketplace At New York Comic Con

Win NYCC exclusives limited edition collectible card

Curicon is thrilled to announce the launch of the no-fee social marketplace for collectors. The new online marketplace has been designed with collectors in mind and will match buyers with sellers using the site’s central library system, containing over 229,000 collectibles.

To mark the launch of the no-fee online marketplace, Curicon will be at Booth #102 for the entire weekend of New York Comic Con, giving away free New York Comic Con Exclusive collectible Curicon cards to anybody who plays and wins our simple trivia game.

There are only 2,000 Exclusive Curicon NYCCC 2012 cards in existence and they will be limited to one per person, on a first-come-first-served basis. The Curicon cards are made from brushed aluminium steel and they are the first Curicon card made exclusively for a convention.

Over the course of the weekend, we will have special guests dropping by the booth and some awesome new comics to give away.

IDW Brings Chasing the Dead This November



 IDW Publishing have announced an all-new horror mini-series,CHASING THE DEAD, written by Matthew Scott and Tim Westland, based on a novel by author Joe Schreiber(Red Harvest, Death Troopers). Scheduled for a November release,CHASING THE DEAD is described by IDW as “a fast-paced, ferociously tense supernatural thriller”.

“I was immediately struck by Schreiber’s ability to create amazing suspenseful situations that contained subtle elements of horror lurking in the corners. This is a zombie road trip done in a whole new way with a unique supernatural mythology and a fun twist at the end,” saysScott. “As soon as I finished the book, I knew we had to bring this to graphic novel.”  Artist Dietrich Smith will provide interiors and cover art for the series.

The debut issue tells the story of a stranger who has kidnapped Sue’s daughter, Lily. But he doesn’t want her money, only her suffering – and he will kill Lily if Sue doesn’t follow his every command. With detailed instructions, the faceless abductor leads Sue into a blinding snowstorm on the longest night of the year to a place she has not traveled to since childhood. The voice on the other end of her cell phone somehow knows Sue’s deepest, most chilling secret – an ominous incident from her past, buried long ago…

CHASING THE DEAD #1 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in November 2012. Diamond order code SEP12 0364.


Imagine you’ve been called in on a Saturday of all days for detention with a whole bunch of different archetypal characters! Sounds like a coming of age John Hughes film right? In actual fact, Bad Kids Go To Hell bypasses the schmaltzy path and goes straight for the gory bloodbath option. Six students from Crestview Academy begin to meet horrible fates as they serve out their detentions on a stormy Saturday afternoon.

Bad Kids Go To Hell has a tight, ensemble cast with some young, up-and-coming stars. Amanda Alch plays Megan, the know-it-all geek girl, Marc Donato plays Tarek, the smart, mysterious Arab guy, Augie Duke playing Veronica, the hard-core goth chick, Roger Edwards playing Craig, the popular jock, Ali Faulkner playing Tricia, the perfect, blonde coke-head and finally Cameron Deane Stewart playing the main character Matt, the new “bad boy” of the school. This ensemble cast is assisted by Farscape’s Ben Browder, who plays the bumbling school janitor and of course, Judd Nelson who ironically plays the role of Headmaster Nash.

The film opens with Matt on his way to detention on a Saturday. As the cast are introduced and taken into the creepy detention hall, the characters quickly find themselves arguing amongst themselves about whether or not the hall is haunted. A series of events takes places triggering the revelation of the secrets these “bad kids” have tried so hard to hide from one another.

The twist in film is that the horror is not in fact found in the ghosts that haunt the hall, or the sound effects or even by the fact that they have no logical way of escape from the building. The horror is actually inherent in the kids themselves.

It is evident the creators were keen to avoid many of the cliches apparent in too many horror films and haven’t taken themselves or the genre too seriously. Overall the film is well developed and has a strong storyline, it is held together particularly well by the performances of these young stars.

The music score is fantastic; clearly thought out and perfectly in tune with the theme of the movie and serves to draw the audience into action. It can however be overpowering at times and hinders our ability to connect with some of the characters on a deeper level. In terms of character development, certain nuances are easy to miss and therefore make it difficult to fully understand each individual character. From chatting to the creators, it’s evident that they do understand the motivations and compulsions of the characters but some of this understanding hasn’t transcended the final edit ensuring the ending isn’t as explosive as it might have been otherwise.

Given the great mix of humor and horror (neither of which is overdone) this film would be recommended for teenagers (probably over 15 considering the bits of gore) and twenty-something’s.

In terms of a horror film, “Bad Kids Go To Hell” was a notch above the rest. While the scenario these kids are put in might seem all too familiar, the storyline certainly is not. A mix between great acting and a great storyline makes it an engaging psychological horror.

San Diego Comic Con – Day One in Pictures

What a day! Day one is down and it’s been incredible. From meeting Dr. Travis Langley and talking about the mental illnesses of superheroes and villains to getting chased from Lou Ferrigno‘s booth….by Lou Ferrigno himself.

We saw Kristen Stewart, Tom Lenk (Aimee even got a photo with him!) and so many more celebrities that gave cause to geek out. We um…accidentally recorded some behind-the-scenes Halo footage of the Warthog without realising that it was forbidden. That being said, we did manage to keep the clip so you can find it here if you’re interested!
We got to meet some awesome industry people at the Voltron panel  in the forms of Brandon Thomas (writer of the Dynamite Voltron series) and Jacob Chabot (Viz Media‘s Voltron Force books 1 and 6). We also got to meet Team Unicorn at the Voltron Panel where Mattel announced the launch of a new multipart Voltron toy, available excusively at
But best of all, we met some awesome people; standing in lines for bathrooms, hotdogs and panels. We met some of THE coolest cosplayers in the world including one of the youngest Star Wars fans ever. We decided that best way to explain the awesomeness of the day would be in pictures. So here you go!
Lines around the block. Nothing unexpected there then…

Coolest little cosplayer ever!

Dr. Travis Langley, author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight

Curicon's Aimee meets Buffy's Tom Lenk! Aimee meets Buffy’s Tom Lenk!

Awesome Scarlet Spider!

more awesome cosplay!

Lou Ferrigno … about three seconds before he chased us from his booth!

You’re going to have to take our word for it but Kristen Stewart was in that car!! Cue massive screams all round. And that was just some of the boys….

Team Unicorn make it onto the stage for the Voltron Panel.

Voltron Writer Brandon Thomas

Curicon meets the very passionate Brandon Thomas!

Traci Todd & Jacob Chabot
Curicon meets the awesome Traci Todd & Jacob Chabot

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Surviving San Diego Comic Con

For the noobs going to San Diego Comic Con, we have compiled a list of some of the best guides to surviving the weekend at Nerd Mecca. That way you can have the best of everything by picking and choosing the tips most relevant to you.

Yes, we could have written a guide ourselves and given you tips that were thoughtful, eloquently written and downright fabulous. But we thought it better to arm you with as many guides as possible, straight from the pens of Comic Con veterans. Some would call it lazy. We prefer the term ‘energy efficient’.

One thing we will mention though. For the love of whatever deity you believe in, and even if you don’t believe in any, do everybody a favour and bring deodorant and breath mints. And don’t be afraid to use them liberally, on your underarms and in your mouth respectively. They won’t be half as effective if you use them the other way around.

Comic Con is a crush from beginning to end and if you’ve had your olfactory senses assaulted by anybody who hasn’t been acquainted with a bar of soap in over 12 hours, you’ll agree with us when we say, it should be a term of entry into any convention that all attendees be utterly deodorized.

So here they are, the 7 best survival guides to San Diego Comic Con 2012!

LA Times – Hero Complex

Comic Con Tips: A ‘Dexter’ Survival Guide for a killer weekend

How would our favourite serial killer approach the mash-up that is San Diego Comic Con. With precision and forward planning of course. ‘Dexter’ writer and producer Scott Reynolds provides this in-depth guide to the SDCC ‘Code’.

Con News

Shawn Marshall gives a great run-down on getting the edge on SDCC panels. If you want to have the best Comic Con experience possible, I suggest you take note of his wise words.

Crave Online

Bibbs and Whitney from Crave Online offer some veteran advice on making the most of the SDCC weekend.


Rober T. Trate offers some insight into experiencing ‘Nerdvana’ in all its glory, including not being ‘that guy’ with the longbox of comics to be signed.


Geek Dad covers the dos and don’ts of surviving SDCC

Geek Tyrant

‘Don’t scare the celebrities’ and other tips, like not freaking the booth babes out. Definitely worth a read!

Aggressive Comics

Possibly the best survival guide ever, simply because of how witty it is. We’re loving the 50’s style and the general hilarity of it all. Well worth a look. And make sure you watch it until the end!

On a final and more somber note, on Tuesday morning Twilight fan Gisella G. was killed in a traffic accident while crossing the street to wait in line outside the San Diego convention centre. It was a senseless tragedy for all concerned. Please, whatever you do, take care of yourselves. A tragedy like this shouldn’t have happened in the first place and it casts a terrible shadow on an event that epitomizes fun and everything geeky and cool.

Take care of yourself, keep an eye out for friends and try to stay together if you can. And above all, have an amazing weekend. Because despite the over-priced food, the long hours standing in line for panels and the endless lines to the bathroom, SDCC is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!

Enjoy it all and see you there!

-Kerrie and all the Curicon team


Here at Curicon we be loving the nerds, the geeks and everything in between

Today we bring you sugar and spice and all things…attitude. Yes, today we bring you the very best in girl geek blogs for your reading pleasure. In the interest of fairness, we WILL do a post on the best geek boy blogs on the web. But bear with us! For the moment, let’s hear it for the ladies!


With a tagline like ‘has boobs. Reads comics’, you’d have to check it out. Beyond the great tagline, the Nerdy Bird blog is funny, insightful and written by a true fan-girl. She unfortunately has decided to stop writing for Newsarama but we can only hope that this will free up some of her time to do more comic reviews, something she’s awesome at!

The Nerdy Bird can be found in various guises all over the internet most notably on the MTV websiteYoutube, and Twitter . Her older articles can be found on the Comic Book resources site (incidentally a must-read for any comic fans).



Champion of the comic book writer, Valerie Gallaher is on an eternal quest to right the wrongs – or at least publicize those wrongs – of the comic book industry. It’s not that the blog is a complaints forum, merely that Gallaher is one of those writers who could never be described as a sell-out. She’s unafraid to tackle issues that she sees as being detrimental to the advancement of the pop culture industry she loves so much. Check out her various posts on Felicia DayThe Watchman cosplay, her (eerily accurate) predictions on comic books from a few years ago and Why Mad Men Sucks.


RIZZOTTI POTTY – Alessandra Rizzotti

Former child star, and writer for Hello Giggles it’s not often you get to read a blog written by somebody who has fallen off a cliff and lives to blog about that and other random happenings in her life. This blog is truly funny – often reading like a stream of consciousness from the author and absolutely hilarious for it. Aside from Rizzotti’s innate ability to laugh at herself and, in turn, make her readers laugh, she has a disarming way of conveying her thoughts and it just makes you wish she was your friend.

You should check out her out in all her awesomeness but also make sure that you read her Missed Connections post here. Don’t read it in a public place – people will think you’re that crazy person who laughs to themselves on the bus.

She’s fantastic. Not because she fell off a cliff. Any idiot can do that. But because she’s so damn funny about it. If you do nothing else today, check out her blog

APE IN A CAPE – Gail Simone

Arguably, one of the coolest women in the DC universe. What makes her blog so great is the fact that she genuinely appears to love her job. Why wouldn’t she I hear you ask, she has one of the coolest jobs in the world. Indeed.

Not alone does she clearly love her job but she’s so open to all of her fans, answering questions on her blog and really engaging with them/us.

In short, she seems as truly lovely and as nice as Dan Slott.

You can become one of her legions of followers on Twitter


Special mention goes to Jennifer Armintrout and/or Abigail Barnette (they’re apparently the same person) who has written recaps on the most awful book ever to be published, 50 Shades of Grey. I actually apologise for insulting your intelligence by even mentioning it.

While not technically a ‘geek’ blog, it’s one of the most hilarious commentaries on the book taking the chick-lit world by storm and a must for anybody who can tell the difference between great literature and absolute tripe. If you’re in ‘I-wish-I-had-a-man-like-Christian’ camp, it’s probably best not to read it. It’ll only upset you.

If you’re in the ‘I-want-to-punch-Ana’s-inner-Goddess-in-the-mouth’ camp, then definitely subscribe to this gem of a blog.

As an aside, Curicon doesn’t in any way condone irresponsible drinking, however should you be looking for a new drinking game, then (and only then) you SHOULD read 50 Shades of Grey. Every time Anastasia mentions her Inner Goddess, take a shot. Warning: You’ll be severely inebriated by chapter 2.

Ciao bellas – til next time


Meet someone awesome!

Sometime the best thing about working with Curicon are the amazing people that we get to meet and talk to on a regular basis. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of the most talented animators we have ever met. Kim Broadbridge from New Orleans is one of THE coolest people we have ever met AND just happens to be redonkulously talented too!

Take a look at some of her animation here

Aside from creating adorable elephants and making them come to life, she also drew a sketch this week of our Matt in his hat. An uncanny likeness if you take a look at the most recent blog post before this!!

She is truly awesome. Keep an eye on her. She’ll definitely go far. And watch out for her artwork in the upcoming Curicon animated feature!!

To see more of Kim’s art, visit her site at

Have an amazing weekend!! ❤

Hey Dollface!!

As regular readers will know, we don’t often do an entire blog on any one company but we had to tell you about Makie Lab for the sheer awesomeness of what they’re doing.

Any of you doll collectors are going to be so excited when we tell you the latest! is a 3D digital printing start up where you can design your own dolls, order accessories for them and then order them at the click of a button. The design of your dolls doesn’t just stop at the types of accessories you can choose from but you can literally choose minute details such as types of eyebrows, eye colour, types of hands and ears. They’re amazing.

The 10 inch poseable action dolls are unlike anything we have ever seen before. Aside from the fact that they’re eco-friendly and are made from bio-plastic, a really cool feature is that the dolls are designed to fit a Lilypad Arduino so while they can’t talk just yet, you could potentially try your hand at fittin LEDs, RFIDs and battery packs, voicechips, Bluetooth and Arduino. Cool right?

Yes, they’re very white and have been likened to zombies but they’re adorable! They’re really cool and as avid doll collectors, we think these are the next big things.

Here’s one Kerrie made (of herself)

and which she has now made her Curicon profile picture. There’s an uncanny likeness! Here’s the cold hard evidence;

It’s really great to see somebody doing something so different in the toy industry. You can sign up for your Makie account here. Just look for this sign

Are we missing anything else? Is there anything that’s not on the Curicon website that you think should be there? Let us know through Twitter, Facebook or Email.