Peter Gutierrez – This Week’s Nerd Alert

Peter Gutierrez has written about comics for the New York Times and ForeWord Reviews, on vampires, cosplay and Star Trek for the Financial Times, blockbuster movies for Screen Education, and graphic novels for Graphic Novel Reporter. A member of the Online Film Critics Society, he regularly contributes to sites such as Twitch and to magazines such as Rue Morgue and Metro where he is a contributing editor. He has also published his own genre fiction, comics and nonfiction books. As a media literacy advocate, Peter blogs at School Library Journal and has spoken at numerous pop culture and publishing events.

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Because I am a nerd I believe that works of the imagination are redemptive, both personally and culturally.

Because I am a nerd I know that Shang-Chi (aka “Master of Kung Fu“) first appeared in Special Marvel Edition #15.

Because I am a nerd I’m thankful for that I’ve been able to meet so many great talents, even heroes of mine, over the years.

Because I am a nerd I will never scoff at the fan object of any other nerd–live and let live.

Because I am a nerd I’ll never apologize for my love of popcorn movies, comic books, and the horror genre in any medium.

Because I am a nerd my dream help young fans realize that being a nerd doesn’t mean forsaking critical thinking.

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