Best-Selling Titles April 2015.

We know, we know, you’re waiting so long to hear what last month’s best-sellers were that it’s almost time to hear about the best sellers for May.

Well, here they are. It seems that the Star Wars universe has it, with Marvel’s series’ making up 40% of the top ten, while DC held 60% of ground with their Convergence event!

10. Princess Leia #3


Not to be forgotten, Princess Leia holds on to a top ten spot from March, making that three successive entries. Deemed one of Marvel’s strongest Star Wars series so far, Princess Leia continues to present amazing action and character development.

The issue where Leia becomes the leader of the disenfranchised and displaced people of Naboo, while attempting to evade the Empire and get them to safety on the planet of Sullust gets our personal thumbs up as well as a recommendation in our history books.

9. Convergence #4


After not-so-good reviews for the initial issues of this miniseries, Convergence #4 does begin to incorporate some action. Earth-2 heroes journey to Telos. The Time Masters are a central issue to this story, incorporating Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern in an epic battle with Soldiers of the Warlord.

8. Kanan: The Last Padawan #1


This series is the fourth of the Star Wars universe to be launched by Marvel. But it is the first that is not set in the years between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Instead, this series goes further to the closing days of the Clone Wars, when Kanan was a mere Jedi in training.

7. Convergence #3


Described a ‘mildly enjoyable’, Convergence #3 is reminiscent of previous issues, filled with more violence, more wasteland and more of the Flash running really fast.

6. Convergence #2


We’re seriously going to post the rest of these without comment.

#5. Darth Vader #4


This issue of Darth Vader takes us to the dark side of the moon – figuratively. Vader and Aphra are missing an army, and the solution is out of this world – literally. Aphra’s droids are given the chance by Keron Gillen to contribute differently.

Vader #4 starts to pick up quickly and really draws readers in with Larocca and Gillen’s storylines.

#4. Batman #40


Batman #40 ended with a special surprise. We won’t reveal it here but if you haven’t read it by now, we kind of assumed you aren’t going to. The conclusion of the Endgame storyline sees Batman fighting The Joker (again?). Capullo and Snyder did a great job in bringing the twist to life, but you’ll just have to read it to find out what it is.

#3. Convergence #1


#2. Convergence #0


#1. Star Wars #4


Marvel’s Star Wars series sees the return of one of our favourite, yet unhorrifying bad guys, Jabba the Hutt. And we get to see more of Luke, Leia and Han. Even though it was off to a good start though, the series needs more time to expend.

Someone get me a Wookiee.


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