The IT Crowd has rebooted one last time

– Matt Byrne


Sadly, turning your TV off and on again won’t restore the IT crowd to our screens.

The excitement surrounding Grahem Linehan’s latest double-length episode of the “IT Crowd Episode” could only be dampened by the knowledge that this would be the finale for Roy (Chris O’Dowd), Moss (Richard Ayoade), and Jen (Katherine Parkinson) as our beloved IT crowd powered down.

Since early 2006, we have watched this naive and emotionally stunted trio from the IT Department amble through seven years at the sub-basement of the vague company, Reynholm industries. Over the years, we have grown to love the geeky genius Moss, the emotionally colour blind technician, Roy and the computer illiterate relationship manager, Jen, battle against the tides of black comedy; walking the line unbelievably ridiculous and perfectly hilarious.

Moss: What do we normally do when we get into a scrape?

Jen: We usually make things worse and worse and then it ends.

It was a nostalgic and generous conclusion, delighting long term viewers with reference to many brilliant moments episodes across their four seasons. We see a reappearance of “The Internet”, Richmond, mention of Roy pretending to be disabled and Moss’s the night in an arcade machine.



The episode itself is not without its own comical gems. Roy reveals the fact his new girlfriend has declared him to be emotionally on the “artistic scale” meanwhile Moss finds the secret for confidence: women’s slacks rocketing him to internet fame.

Meanwhile, Jen and Roy become the most hated people on the internet for being “a woman hater” and a “small person racist” for their unfortunate involvement in a “small person” being run over and killed by a van with boobs, and scorching a homeless “Tramp” with coffee.

We must wonder if there may be some extent to the ridiculousness this delightfully misanthropic team could get away with.

Perhaps, it is best for the show to bow out with dignity, rather than to dilute the originality of both plot and characters in milking another season’s worth of sketches. Scrubs, The Office, Lost and How I Met your Mother, all pushed well past their use-by-date and lost fans by exhausting their patience and loyalty for what was once a very well regarded stable of shows.

Instead, we can gracefully pull the curtain on the IT Crowd, preserving this series amongst Black Books and Father Ted as one of the funniest and most consistent British comedies of the last decade.



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