Ready to Rumble???

Justin Williams, Otakus & Geeks Which toy made your childhood awesome?? Here, Justin Williams, Editor of Otakus and Geeks reminisces about the joys of growing up in early 90’s when 16-bit games and mullet-wearing wrestlers were all the rage!

As a big fan of WWF- now WWE – growing up I played WWF RAW the most in the 16 bit era days. This game was an improvement of the previous game Royal Rumble. It’s one of the first games to have wrestlers like Big Daddy Cool Diesel and 1,2,3 Kid and more. It even offered more modes like Bedlam, Survivor Series and the Endurance match. My favorite wrestler to use was Bret Hart. Even though everyone basically had the same moves like suplex, body slam, Irish whips etc, the finishing moves were all different and nothing can beat Bret Hart’s Sharpshooter.  The graphics were good for it’s time and it managed to have a 6-man Royal Rumble which was pretty fun.


Overall this was a very addictive game growing up and any retro fan should have it in their collection.

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