Gettin’ Aggressive with Rich Cassidy – Aggressive Comix

Rich Cassidy from Aggressive Comix

That’s Rich on the left – the super excited one!

Proof that good things come in small (And loud. And funny.) packages, Rich Cassidy is one of those responsible for the awesomeness that is Aggressive Comix. A nerd from an early age, he reminisces about the green figure with the wicked fashion sense that made him the nerd we love today

Power Rangers were definitely everyone’s first taste of ‘Pokemon Syndrome’ in that we had to catch ‘em all.

Power Ranger figures were probably one of the most difficult sets of toys to get as a kid. They were so popular that, they even decided to make a motion picture based on it. (See Turboman).

If your parents were badass enough, they some how managed to get you not just the entire set, but they got you the Green Ranger. Now the Green Ranger came with not only a removable “gold plated” shield (aka, a spray-painted piece of plastic with gold-like paint and add a gloss finish… close enough) BUT it also came with the Dragon Zord!

Green Power Ranger Dragon Zord

The Dragon Zord was one of best of the entire collection. Even though the Green Ranger started off bad it didn’t matter. He was still by far one of the BEST figures in the ENTIRE set! I remember playing with that toy for hours and hours on end. ALMOST as much as I played with my foot cruiser! (Who remembers that toy?! F*cking Hot-Rod that Shredder from TMNT drove). Either way, nothing beats old school toys. My basement is filled with ‘em, so many at this point that I actually opened a box yesterday and I’m shocked I even owned some of the toys I have in my collection.

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