What do Winnie The Pooh, Green Power Ranger, Robocop and Squirtle from Pokemon have in common?

Think about it. Nothing, right?


You may not have heard of them yet but rest assured you will. Matt & Rick Klimenko, of Find Your Collectables,  are the talent behind some of the most amazing costume designs we have ever seen. Covering a (really) wide gamut of cosplays such as Iron Man, Venom and Carnage, along with the aforementioned characters above, these Sydney-based designers are set to raise the bar for designers everywhere.

The most fascinating aspect of their story is that they are completely self-taught. Working from their workshop in Sydney’s Vaucluse, Matt, and his brother Rick, spend their days designing and creating custom costumes for avid cosplayers attending conventions

The Curicon team was lucky enough to bump into them at Supanova Brisbane where they were showcasing some of the amazing costumes they design. Check out our gallery of pictures below and be amazed!

Photos credit: Mike Robins

They can, and will, design almost anything. All you need to do is give them the idea. If you’d like to see some more of their awesome work, check them out on Facebook or email them here for further details


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