Kamandi – how Jack Kirby charmed a 9 year old Kozik

Kozik-13Frank Kozik, graphic designer extraordinaire known for his awesome KidRobot figures and exceptional posters, tells us how Kamandi was the first comic to blow him away as a kid.

 Frank  lives in San Francisco with his wife Sharon and their four cats.

Kamandi-Last Boy On Earth

I was 9 years old when I bought the first issue of Kamandi…everything about it totally blew my mind…. the cover image, Kirby’s insane brutal style, which I had never really noticed before, the crazy future world, the whole bit. I think I have to credit Kamandi with my since them obsession with dystopian landscapes, science fiction, and a certain warm comfortable feeling when I think about a post-apocalyptic future. I also have to say that since I grew up in Europe (I obtained American comics at the local us military base PX)…Kamandi also sort of constructed a fantasy image of the USA that I still sometimes see below the surface today.


One of my great daydreams would be that once I made a few billion dollars, I’d blow a huge chunk of it making a series of films based on Kamandi. Fuck yer Hobbits.

You can find Frank on t’interweb at http://www.frankkozik.net/ making cool posters and awesome toys. There’s nothing not to love about this guy.


You can also become a fan on Facebook and follow him on Twitter because he rocks!


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