Patrick Purcell from Winter City; still playing with toys

Patrick Purcell, Winter City Comic Book Series

Patrick Purcell is the co-writer of Winter City Comic Book Series. Here he sits down and tells Curicon what he loved as a kid, what still causes him to nerdgasm and his former plans to take over the world with a Super Robot

When I was a kid, what was my favorite thing in the world? Well, for starters, I like to think I am still a kid. In the very least I am at heart. All the things I used to enjoy, I still enjoy. Maybe even more so.

I could honestly write endlessly about my great geeky pleasures, but I don’t want to bore everyone to death, so I think I will cover just a few of the things that I thought were super great, and still do! For starters, I love super robots. The Japanese kind. Voltron, both lion force and space force, were the absolute best. My intense infatuation naturally expanded into Voltus V, Transformers G1, and Grendizer.

My love for robots went so far that at ten years old I designed my own Super Robot. And I don’t mean I drew my own version. I actually created blue prints. Each component in intricate detail. Engines, cogs, cables, wheels, wings, fuel tanks. It was all there. I spent hours flipping through the pages of engineering books copying the systems that “appeared” to do what I wanted. It was awesome!

I’m still a big fan of a good super robot story. Neon Genesis Evangelion stands as one of my favorite Anime and one of my favorite stories. When discussing childhood obsessions, there is another that stands out for me. Superman. Oh, how I loved Superman. You name the toy; I had it. I spent probably the first six years of my life wearing a Superman costume under my clothes.

Superman Issue #1

Even under my school uniform. Superman really is the purest of super heros, and I have no shame in saying that even today, at thirty years of age, I wear Superman shirts, board shorts, and underwear. Finally, just because it probably wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make one last shout-out to a character that had me engrossed, and that is Astro Boy. Robot, plus super hero, plus a small boy dealing with, well, boyish issues. Astro had everything. I was never quite as obsessed with Astro Boy as I was with Voltron or Superman, but he still, and always will, hold a special place in my heart.

Astro Boy

Ah… The memories!

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