Is it checkmate for Batman or the Joker?

Eaglemoss publications, who are already known for their award winning DC Superhero collection,  recently released a DC Chess Collection which holds massive appeal for any comic book fan.

We were really excited to open the package up when it arrived and take gazillions of photographs, just for you guys! The first special edition included Batman and The Joker, complete with a 16-page magazine detailing Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns

Hand-painted, metallic resin, the pieces are a nice weight and a good size. They’re not too heavy but solid enough that they don’t feel cheap. That being said, I did think the paintwork could have been better. Batman’s crest in particular was lacking in some detail I thought but maybe I’m just being pedantic.

It still wouldn’t stop me from collecting the entire set though. The chess set would be an amazing addition to anybody’s collection, albeit a bit expensive. But when did expense ever weigh on a collector’s mind??  😀

Here, for your viewing pleasure are pictures of the first issue pieces.

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