Draigcon 2012 – Santa’s Revenge taking place in Queensland

Queensland-based Dungeons & Dragons fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks, as Fast Break Sports will be hosting Draigcon 2012 Santa’s Revenge from Friday Nov 30 to Sunday Dec 2.

The tournament will consist of 3 days of Dungeons & Dragons with 4th edition RPGA every day, with Pathfinder on the Sunday. Saturday Dec 1 will be an all-day event for almost every level, depending on DMs for the day.

The Battle Interactive is LFR ADCP4-2 “The Lost City of Suldolphor”

The ever-shifting sands of the Calimshan desert have uncovered the ancient city of Suldolphor. The forces of Calimport, Memnon, and Almraiven converge upon the city, each striving to gain a tactical advantage in their ongoing struggle for supremacy. This adventure is a combat-intensive two-round continuous-play Living Forgotten Realms Battle Interactive for characters of the Heroic and Paragon tiers (levels 1-20, but all characters at the table must be able to play at the group’s chosen Adventure Level, and characters from different tiers may not play together). This adventure is connected to the events of SPEC4-3, SPEC4-4, CALI4-1, CALI4-2, and CALI4-3, but all these adventures may be played in any order. It is recommended, but not required, that at least three characters at the table be members of the same Adventuring Company. This adventure may only be run at Wizards Play Network (WPN) Public Play events. It is not sanctioned for Private Play.

To find out more or to register your interest for Draigcon 2012 Santa’s Revenge, check out the website and fill out the registration form. Tell them Curicon sent you!


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