Aggressive Comix get all ‘Risky Business’ with new show, Secret of the Booze

Whip out the vinyl records, crack open the liquor cabinet and leave your shirt and socks on; Aggressive Comix just announced their new show Secret of the Booze and already we’re hooked (but in a healthy way)!

Hosted by Jimmy Clark, who may or may not be a real bartender, the show details the highs and lows of alcohol’s history. It’s a sobering journey but an educational one.

No it’s not! It’s a cocktail-making show! How awesome is that? We have our doubts about Jimmy’s credentials, sure, but having tried out the iDrink recipe for ourselves, it has to be said the man has a natural talent for awesome drinks. The Steve Jobs of drinks, as it were šŸ˜€

Check out the episode and subscribe to the Aggressive Comix youtube channel for more awesomeness!

This should go without saying, but we’re going to throw it out there anyway. Don’t drink irresponsibly and don’t drink at all if it’s not legal to do so where you live.


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