The Circus is Coming to Town!

Well…Pasadena at any rate. Rumour has it that those crazy kids from Circus Posterus will be hanging around at a certain DesignerCon this weekend. Gossip has been fuelled by speculation that three booths no less…that THREE BOOTHS!…will be taken over Circus Posterus friends, family and artists from all over the world. So…you’d be an idiot to miss it. Especially because DCon is the premier event for the Tomenosuke + CP line of sofubi toys. They will also be celebrating the release of Chris Ryniak’s “Raw” Stinky Ginger, Kathie Olivia’s Calliope Jackalope and Brandt Peters’s “Toxic Marshmallow” Stingy Jack.

If you’re in a nostalgic mood and you want to look back on some of the highlights of Circus Posterus, check out the CP section of the Curicon library.

The artistic guys ‘n’ gals will also be releasing brand new editions such as Mini Masao Skelves, Sour Peach Zambambies and CMR’s Mini Zombieguts. There’ll be custom dolls and awesomeness galore. If you made previous plans, cancel them! And trust us…you’ll thank us later!

Circus Posterus will be at booth #500 at Designer Con, which takes place Nov 3 at Pasadena Convention Centre


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