Learning to ‘speak Geek’. Interning for Curicon

Editor’s Note: Last week, we had a really enthusiastic lady come to Curicon. She was awesome and we wanted to keep her. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. She was in Sydney on a holiday from Ireland and used some of her holiday to learn about the geekery that is the world of collectors! So we released her back to the real world as a fully-formed comic book and vinyl toy fan. But not before we asked her to let you guys in on her experience at Nerd HQ. Meet Alice Carroll, intern-extraordinaire

Being a student of marketing, I was delighted when I was offered an internship with Curicon’s Marketing and PR department. However I must admit, what Curicon covers was totally new ground to me. But under the guidance of the brilliant Kerrie O’Callaghan (also once a newbie to the ‘geek’ scene), I quickly adapted and can now safely say I know a lot more about collectibles, comics, action figures and vinyl figures than I once did.

Interning for Curicon isn’t like interning for any other company. Simply because it isn’t like any other company! It’s completely new and different. I knew that the minute I stepped into the office to see stacks of comics and action figures on every desk. The best thing is, everybody there really loves what they’re doing. And that energy is infectious! It’s hard not to get caught up in the buzz of ideas and discussions about the site (even if I don’t understand all the lingo yet).

Come visit us and meet this guy!

Another reason I loved interning with Curicon is because they give you the opportunity to learn by actually doing things. Having heard horror stories about interns at various companies being used more like slaves than employees (read: constant ‘coffee runs’), I was skeptical as to what I would be actually doing in the office. But I was pleasantly surprised on my first day as I was immersed in proper work and involved in brainstorming for upcoming advertising campaigns and competitions. (Stay tuned for a HUGE competition announcement – Ed)

Day two at Curicon was a little more… erm… unsettling. Despite being warned in advance, I was a little taken aback at meeting the in-house cockatiel. Mainly due to the fact that I – silly me – thought he’d be in a cage. So was just a little surprised to see him flying around the office! But that just adds to the laid back fun at the Curicon office.

Meet Chuckie. Destroyer of computer cables and the terrify-er of interns 🙂

The timing of my internship couldn’t have been better as, not only was the office preparing for the official launch, they were also preparing for New York Comic Con in October. So I really got to experience the work that went into planning for such events. And let me say, I have learned there is a LOT more ‘behind the scenes’ work to be done than I had realized. But once again, I was given the opportunity to be work first hand on the planning, between researching costs, emailing companies and presenting my ideas regarding promotional devices, I felt really involved in the whole process (plus I found the coolest USB Flash drives ever! Win-win!).

On my last day at Curicon, having finished up all my jobs, I sat back and surveyed the office. Even as a measly intern, I can see they’re onto something special at Curicon.  With the momentum really building, the company is edging its way into the global geek scene, and I anticipate it will be an essential tool for every collector to display their collections in times to come. I’m delighted that I got to experience Curicon, first hand, in its starting stages.

It’s safe to say that Curicon has really brought out my inner geek and I really will miss being surrounded everyday by Comic Books,  Dunnys and Labbits (Yes I know all the names, go me!). Who knows, you might see me at the New York Comic Con yet!

Alice Carroll- Intern


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