Metropolis Comics Taking Requests for Wizard World Chicago!

“The Summer Chicago show is like a comic fan village dropped into the middle of the Chicagoland area,” explained Metropolis Sales Director Frank Cwiklik on his enthusiasm for the annual August Wizard World Chicago.  “The area around the Stephens Convention Center turns into an enclosed world of avid comic collectors for a long weekend every August, and you have to love that enthusiasm and the chance to catch up with collectors and clients.”

Metropolis has been attending the Summer Chicago show for many years now, and both Cwiklik and Metro COO Vincent Zurzolo will be there as always, armed with nearly a thousand extraordinary keys, vintage rarities, and tough-to-find classic comics, and are now gathering requests from longtime clients and new faces.  “This is always our big request show,” Cwiklik continued.  “For the past couple of years, we’ve actually had almost as many books brought by request for the Summer Chicago show as we do for the whole week of San Diego, which is huge.  This has become a must-attend show for a lot of collectors who can’t make the trek to the coasts for the big blowout cons, or who can’t get tickets for them, so we have a lot of serious buyers and hardcore collectors who contact us weeks in advance with very detailed lists.  It makes the job exciting every year, since we’re always bringing something new we haven’t had requests for before.”

This slew of requests comes with a price, though.  “We have a limited amount of room for books every year, and the available slots for requests fill up fast,” Cwiklik explained.  “I’ve already got a box full of stuff for savvy collectors ready to go, and only have so much more room left, so we’re getting the word out to anyone who wants to see specific material that they need to get their requests in fast and early.  I like bringing material by request, since it ensures that my clients leave the show happy, knowing they got exactly what they wanted, and obviously it makes it easier for us to determine what folks want to see on our wall at this show.  I personally contact many of our past buyers, but I know there are some folks who are on the fence about asking for material, or haven’t gotten back to us yet, or who aren’t on my radar.  I want to hear from them!”

As always, Metropolis is buying at the show as well, and anyone with collections of vintage comics, memorabilia, or original art is encouraged to contact Cwiklik at 212 260 4147 x10, or to make an appointment for their collection to be appraised and an immediate offer made at the show.  “We’re especially looking for original art,” said Zurzolo, “and are always happy to look at comics-related merchandise and memorabilia, as well.  Bring it on by!”

Metro strongly encourages requests for books to be made by end of business August 3rd, but can take requests up to the day before the show, space permitting.  “Get your requests in now,” finished Cwiklik, “so you don’t miss out!”

You can check out Metropolis Comics or follow them on Curicon


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