Midnight Screening of the Dark Knight Rises

This is not a film review. Because quite frankly, I’d be too afraid of spoiling the movie for anybody and I truly believe everybody should go see The Dark Knight Rises without any expectations. I will say this though; for me, it was exponentially better than Avengers, which I loved so ….there! And yes, I’ll go see it again!

Last night, myself and the Curicon team attended the Kings Comics midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises which was awesome. Kings Comics really pulled out all the stops with prizes and cosplay competitions for those who had gone to the trouble to dress up. The hardcore fans had been waiting in line since 9 o’clock, playing cards, eating snacks and generally just having a good time. The excitement was palpable and so many people had dressed up in amazing outfits that it was difficult to know where to look.

There’s something truly amazing about attending a highly-anticipated movie with real fans. Everybody was hyper waiting to be let into the theatre. I wish Christopher Nolan had been there to hear everybody laughing at the lighter moments, feel the tension in the room at crucial parts of the plot and be there for the thunderous applause at the very end. In short, it was epic!

Check out our photos from the screening!

The TOP SECRET competition envelope exclusively for fans of Curicon and Kings Comics

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With much geeky love

-Kerrie and the Curicon team xxx


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