San Diego Comic Con – Day One in Pictures

What a day! Day one is down and it’s been incredible. From meeting Dr. Travis Langley and talking about the mental illnesses of superheroes and villains to getting chased from Lou Ferrigno‘s booth….by Lou Ferrigno himself.

We saw Kristen Stewart, Tom Lenk (Aimee even got a photo with him!) and so many more celebrities that gave cause to geek out. We um…accidentally recorded some behind-the-scenes Halo footage of the Warthog without realising that it was forbidden. That being said, we did manage to keep the clip so you can find it here if you’re interested!
We got to meet some awesome industry people at the Voltron panel  in the forms of Brandon Thomas (writer of the Dynamite Voltron series) and Jacob Chabot (Viz Media‘s Voltron Force books 1 and 6). We also got to meet Team Unicorn at the Voltron Panel where Mattel announced the launch of a new multipart Voltron toy, available excusively at
But best of all, we met some awesome people; standing in lines for bathrooms, hotdogs and panels. We met some of THE coolest cosplayers in the world including one of the youngest Star Wars fans ever. We decided that best way to explain the awesomeness of the day would be in pictures. So here you go!
Lines around the block. Nothing unexpected there then…

Coolest little cosplayer ever!

Dr. Travis Langley, author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight

Curicon's Aimee meets Buffy's Tom Lenk! Aimee meets Buffy’s Tom Lenk!

Awesome Scarlet Spider!

more awesome cosplay!

Lou Ferrigno … about three seconds before he chased us from his booth!

You’re going to have to take our word for it but Kristen Stewart was in that car!! Cue massive screams all round. And that was just some of the boys….

Team Unicorn make it onto the stage for the Voltron Panel.

Voltron Writer Brandon Thomas

Curicon meets the very passionate Brandon Thomas!

Traci Todd & Jacob Chabot
Curicon meets the awesome Traci Todd & Jacob Chabot


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