The Lazy Person’s Guide to Surviving San Diego Comic Con

For the noobs going to San Diego Comic Con, we have compiled a list of some of the best guides to surviving the weekend at Nerd Mecca. That way you can have the best of everything by picking and choosing the tips most relevant to you.

Yes, we could have written a guide ourselves and given you tips that were thoughtful, eloquently written and downright fabulous. But we thought it better to arm you with as many guides as possible, straight from the pens of Comic Con veterans. Some would call it lazy. We prefer the term ‘energy efficient’.

One thing we will mention though. For the love of whatever deity you believe in, and even if you don’t believe in any, do everybody a favour and bring deodorant and breath mints. And don’t be afraid to use them liberally, on your underarms and in your mouth respectively. They won’t be half as effective if you use them the other way around.

Comic Con is a crush from beginning to end and if you’ve had your olfactory senses assaulted by anybody who hasn’t been acquainted with a bar of soap in over 12 hours, you’ll agree with us when we say, it should be a term of entry into any convention that all attendees be utterly deodorized.

So here they are, the 7 best survival guides to San Diego Comic Con 2012!

LA Times – Hero Complex

Comic Con Tips: A ‘Dexter’ Survival Guide for a killer weekend

How would our favourite serial killer approach the mash-up that is San Diego Comic Con. With precision and forward planning of course. ‘Dexter’ writer and producer Scott Reynolds provides this in-depth guide to the SDCC ‘Code’.

Con News

Shawn Marshall gives a great run-down on getting the edge on SDCC panels. If you want to have the best Comic Con experience possible, I suggest you take note of his wise words.

Crave Online

Bibbs and Whitney from Crave Online offer some veteran advice on making the most of the SDCC weekend.


Rober T. Trate offers some insight into experiencing ‘Nerdvana’ in all its glory, including not being ‘that guy’ with the longbox of comics to be signed.


Geek Dad covers the dos and don’ts of surviving SDCC

Geek Tyrant

‘Don’t scare the celebrities’ and other tips, like not freaking the booth babes out. Definitely worth a read!

Aggressive Comics

Possibly the best survival guide ever, simply because of how witty it is. We’re loving the 50’s style and the general hilarity of it all. Well worth a look. And make sure you watch it until the end!

On a final and more somber note, on Tuesday morning Twilight fan Gisella G. was killed in a traffic accident while crossing the street to wait in line outside the San Diego convention centre. It was a senseless tragedy for all concerned. Please, whatever you do, take care of yourselves. A tragedy like this shouldn’t have happened in the first place and it casts a terrible shadow on an event that epitomizes fun and everything geeky and cool.

Take care of yourself, keep an eye out for friends and try to stay together if you can. And above all, have an amazing weekend. Because despite the over-priced food, the long hours standing in line for panels and the endless lines to the bathroom, SDCC is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!

Enjoy it all and see you there!

-Kerrie and all the Curicon team


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