Let the madness commence!! The most hotly anticipated event of the nerd year has finally opened its doors. After months of waiting, anticipating, endless hours trying to get tickets sorted (oh why is the SDCC computer system so archaic???), and angsting over which comic book character t-shirts to pack (answer: all of them), San Diego Comic Con opened its doors for preview night.

We’ve been absolutely HYPER in the run-up to SDCC. That just escalated into sheer madness by the time we got on the aircraft. Luckily the lack of sleep in the 24 hours before the flight ensured we passed out for the majority of the journey. But not before we took some pictures of….well, everything. We were like kids whose parents had let us out of the house for the first time. With a camera. Here are some of our better efforts

Yes, really

Oh look, more clouds!

We’ve arrived!! Where’s our welcome committee???

Mwahahaha…Yes, we’re press!

Mwahahaha…..yes, we’re press!!!

After all that hyperactivity, we needed a little nap to refresh us for preview night!

We were in line for a couple of hours to be let into the Exhibit Hall. I’m sorry to say we weren’t in any way professional and the fanboys and girls in us came to the fore in a most unbecoming manner. We were practically SCRATCHING at the door to be let in, foaming at the mouth at the thought of all those exclusive collectible toys. All in all, it’s safe to say our dignity was left in the overhead compartment of the Virgin aircraft we came in on. We’ll try to relocate it on our way back home.

Given the amount of people there, the line went surprisingly quickly so when the doors finally did open, it was like being left loose in toyland!

Here are some of our pics!

Nerding Out

We had chilled out a little bit at that stage so were in a much better position to, you know, actually speak to people. We met the lovely David Gallaher from Marvel who, along with Steve Ellis, will be debuting his comic book The Only Living Boy at SDCC. They’re both really nice guys, so for those of you at the con, try to swing by Booth #2206 and say hello. For those of you who didn’t make it this year, try to get your hands on a copy. It looks awesome!

Other people we met include Spiderman and Silver Surfer inker Victor Olazaba, British artist Jim Cheung and Randy Emberlin, known for his awesome work on X-Men, Amazing Spiderman, Star Wars, Batman and The Avengers. It

Check out Victor settling down for a read of new amazing Aussie comic, Winter City. He’s a cool guy!

Randy very kindly signed a copy of Matt’s Scarlet Spider. So even if Matt had to go home now, he’d be happy.

Over the next few days, we’ll be keeping you updated on all the happenings at SDCC. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates on panels, announcements, interviews and anything else that takes our fancy.

With lots of nerdy love!

The Curicon Team


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