Here at Curicon we be loving the nerds, the geeks and everything in between

Today we bring you sugar and spice and all things…attitude. Yes, today we bring you the very best in girl geek blogs for your reading pleasure. In the interest of fairness, we WILL do a post on the best geek boy blogs on the web. But bear with us! For the moment, let’s hear it for the ladies!


With a tagline like ‘has boobs. Reads comics’, you’d have to check it out. Beyond the great tagline, the Nerdy Bird blog is funny, insightful and written by a true fan-girl. She unfortunately has decided to stop writing for Newsarama but we can only hope that this will free up some of her time to do more comic reviews, something she’s awesome at!

The Nerdy Bird can be found in various guises all over the internet most notably on the MTV websiteYoutube, and Twitter . Her older articles can be found on the Comic Book resources site (incidentally a must-read for any comic fans).



Champion of the comic book writer, Valerie Gallaher is on an eternal quest to right the wrongs – or at least publicize those wrongs – of the comic book industry. It’s not that the blog is a complaints forum, merely that Gallaher is one of those writers who could never be described as a sell-out. She’s unafraid to tackle issues that she sees as being detrimental to the advancement of the pop culture industry she loves so much. Check out her various posts on Felicia DayThe Watchman cosplay, her (eerily accurate) predictions on comic books from a few years ago and Why Mad Men Sucks.


RIZZOTTI POTTY – Alessandra Rizzotti

Former child star, and writer for Hello Giggles it’s not often you get to read a blog written by somebody who has fallen off a cliff and lives to blog about that and other random happenings in her life. This blog is truly funny – often reading like a stream of consciousness from the author and absolutely hilarious for it. Aside from Rizzotti’s innate ability to laugh at herself and, in turn, make her readers laugh, she has a disarming way of conveying her thoughts and it just makes you wish she was your friend.

You should check out her out in all her awesomeness but also make sure that you read her Missed Connections post here. Don’t read it in a public place – people will think you’re that crazy person who laughs to themselves on the bus.

She’s fantastic. Not because she fell off a cliff. Any idiot can do that. But because she’s so damn funny about it. If you do nothing else today, check out her blog

APE IN A CAPE – Gail Simone

Arguably, one of the coolest women in the DC universe. What makes her blog so great is the fact that she genuinely appears to love her job. Why wouldn’t she I hear you ask, she has one of the coolest jobs in the world. Indeed.

Not alone does she clearly love her job but she’s so open to all of her fans, answering questions on her blog and really engaging with them/us.

In short, she seems as truly lovely and as nice as Dan Slott.

You can become one of her legions of followers on Twitter


Special mention goes to Jennifer Armintrout and/or Abigail Barnette (they’re apparently the same person) who has written recaps on the most awful book ever to be published, 50 Shades of Grey. I actually apologise for insulting your intelligence by even mentioning it.

While not technically a ‘geek’ blog, it’s one of the most hilarious commentaries on the book taking the chick-lit world by storm and a must for anybody who can tell the difference between great literature and absolute tripe. If you’re in ‘I-wish-I-had-a-man-like-Christian’ camp, it’s probably best not to read it. It’ll only upset you.

If you’re in the ‘I-want-to-punch-Ana’s-inner-Goddess-in-the-mouth’ camp, then definitely subscribe to this gem of a blog.

As an aside, Curicon doesn’t in any way condone irresponsible drinking, however should you be looking for a new drinking game, then (and only then) you SHOULD read 50 Shades of Grey. Every time Anastasia mentions her Inner Goddess, take a shot. Warning: You’ll be severely inebriated by chapter 2.

Ciao bellas – til next time




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