Let us introduce you to….Winter City

“Death remembers all sins. And no sin goes unpunished”

Once in a while, something so great comes along that you have to tell people about it because you know it will enhance their lives in some way. That’s the case with Winter City Comics.

Ok, it’s not a way to turn base metal into gold, nor is it the next greatest app that will change the world but for lovers of well-constructed narrative and high-end artwork, Winter City Comics is a must-read. Others must think so too because Kings Comics sold out of them entirely over the weekend.

We first came across these guys through Twitter and after some quick Internet research, found pictures of this 12-part comic series on their website. The first response was ‘awesome!” The artwork in these comic books is superb, really great inking and the actual story itself is gripping.

Book 1 is called ‘Murder of a Fat Man’ so it’s not too much of a spoiler to tell you that the story opens with the grisly murder of Alan McLean, the city’s resident philanthropist. Set in Winter City, the story has a noir quality to it. It’s gritty, it’s mean and unflinching in the way it deals with the issues that crop up.

I promise not to spoil it for you so I can’t say anything else, except to tell you to collect all 12 issues in the series. I can promise you you’ll thank me for it. You can find their website here or place them into your collection on Curicon here.



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