A competition that’s not a competition, Supanova and some other stuff…

Happy Friday nice folks! What’s everybody doing for the weekend?

That gratuitous question leads me nicely onto telling you what we’re doing this Saturday and Sunday – going to Supanova Sydney!!

Yes, we will be reveling in the smorgasbord of delight that is Australia’s biggest pop culture convention. A veritable cornucopia of nerds, a gaggle of geeks, a tardis of Whovians…and whatever else you’re having yourself will descend upon Olympic Park for one of the best weekends in Sydney outside of Mardis Gras.

We’re a small bit excited in case you haven’t guessed. Our wigs are at the ready and the excitement is almost too much. Because we’re not remotely as talented as the cosplayers who’ll be at Supanova, what with not being able to sew and all, we had to get a bit creative with the outfit choice so…we’re going as nerds. It left us with no other choice but to wear our own clothes. We will however be sporting the latest nerd look of the con season which is….

Just a little photo shoot we did you know

Yes, people. We have our very own Curicon t-shirts. They’re not just any t-shirts though. They’re issue#1 t-shirts. Yes, they’re limited edition. We only got 50 printed and no, they’re not for sale. Is this the ultimate nerd act? – Creating collectible t-shirts?

Check these babies out!! Yes, that’s right, “Issue #1”. You heard us!

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of various people wearing them. We’ll be posting pictures of some of our (and your) favourite nerds wearing the Curicon t-shirts. We also got tank tops for the girls. Girl Nerd Problem: Finding cool t-shirts for girls! So we solved that problem.

If you’d like a limited edition Curicon t-shirt, just let us know. We can’t promise one for everybody because well…there ARE only 50 of them and we’ve promised some to other people. But if you REEEEALLLY want an issue #1, drop us an email (gday@curicon.com) and tell us why you should get a t-shirt; the reasons can be as crazy or pedestrian as you like. But get emailing

Dear Curicon, gimme a t-shirt! Sincerely yours…

Like, if you’re going to the Great Wall of China on a vacation, will you promise faithfully to wear the t-shirt and get a cheesy holiday shot taken?? If you’re not going that far, you could just promise us that you’ll send us a photo of you in your Curicon t-shirt on the Great Wall of your Back Garden. Or feel free to go planking in it –we don’t mind! But um…please wear pants. Thanks.

We concur with this cat

We have 10 to give away – 5 for the boys and 5 for the girls! The most creative/funny/crazy /downright bizarre will more than likely win this. And the judge’s decision is final AND arbitrary. We’re not open to bribes (unless it’s a lifetime pass to Comic Con).

The giveaway ends when we’ve given away all of the t-shirts. You won’t know you’ve won until you receive the t-shirt in the mail some day soon and all your dreams come true! So be sure to include your full name and address in the email to us. And your shirt size. So you don’t end up like this…

We hope to leave Supanova with some serious collectors swag, which we promise to share with you on Facebook! In the meantime, check out some of the new items we’ve added to the Curicon Library during the week at the suggestion of some of you guys. Aimee is the Library Machine – she’s just been making the library colossal over the past few weeks and she’s not even close to finishing!! Check these out!

Batman V – Zipline Release

Ukido Ninja Warriors

Marvel Comics – Astonishing Spiderman and Wolverine

Living Dead Dolls

That’s it for now – have an awesome weekend you guys and keep the suggestions for the site coming!! Much nerdy love to you all. Kerrie xxxx


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