A Personal Thank You


I’m Matt Byrne, the founder and CEO of Curicon.

I wanted to personally thank you for being a part of Curicon.

As one of the first members, your participation has helped me shape the future of the platform.

Speaking with our early members has been the highlight of my day, each and every day since our beta hit the Internet in January.

If you would like to see how your suggestions and feedback have influenced Curicon, take a look at the massive update we just rolled out.


One of the questions I receive regularly is “Who are you and what is Curicon really about?”

Let me do my best now to answer that (two-part) question –

I’m a 27 year old Australian who loves the beach/ocean, I have a BSc IT from UTS and I have worked in the IT/Design industry since I was 16.

Ever since I was a child I have collected anything I could. Comics, Action Figures, Trading Cards, Stamps, Rocks, Coins, Phone Cards, Consoles/Games, Model Planes/Tanks, Warhammer & Matchbox cars.

My longest & current passion is Comics, especially anything Marvel.

I originally sketched out the plan for Curicon in 2010, by late 2011 it was time to give up my day job (at the IT company I owned) and make it happen.

So that brings me to – What is Curicon really about?

Curicon is a place for collectors, designed and built by collectors. We have no affiliation or responsibility to anyone. Curicon is whatyou and I want it to be.

We want and have loved hearing all of your comments and feedback – we are building this place for you, so please, get involved and be a part of the journey.

If you have a look at the site now, you will see that we have just rolled out an amazingly big update! I am talking a huge step forward. Have a look for yourself –


In this update we have introduced a few features which we are very proud of –

1. Questions & Answers

Have a question about a collectable? Or, maybe you just love helping others. Either way, there is now a place for you.

It’s slick, simple and will make getting & giving answers a pleasure.


2. Discussions

If you love talking about collectables, collecting and everything related, we have just built one of the most amazing discussion platforms (IMHO) you will have ever seen (not so humble lol).

It takes the awkwardness out of the forum experience, nothing you don’t need. All the focus is on the discussion. Come join us and get involved!


That’s not all as far as updates go either! There are too many to list, go have a look at curicon.com yourself to see them in action.

If you have read this far, I would like to thank you again.

As always, you can contact me via email on matt@curicon.com or if you like the phone, we have one! +61 2 8484 1010 (We are in Australia, so that might be long distance for you – don’t blame me for your large phone bill as I like to chat! 😀 )

See you in Curicon,

Matt Byrne

CEO Curicon


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