Hey Dollface!!

As regular readers will know, we don’t often do an entire blog on any one company but we had to tell you about Makie Lab for the sheer awesomeness of what they’re doing.

Any of you doll collectors are going to be so excited when we tell you the latest! Makie.me is a 3D digital printing start up where you can design your own dolls, order accessories for them and then order them at the click of a button. The design of your dolls doesn’t just stop at the types of accessories you can choose from but you can literally choose minute details such as types of eyebrows, eye colour, types of hands and ears. They’re amazing.

The 10 inch poseable action dolls are unlike anything we have ever seen before. Aside from the fact that they’re eco-friendly and are made from bio-plastic, a really cool feature is that the dolls are designed to fit a Lilypad Arduino so while they can’t talk just yet, you could potentially try your hand at fittin LEDs, RFIDs and battery packs, voicechips, Bluetooth and Arduino. Cool right?

Yes, they’re very white and have been likened to zombies but they’re adorable! They’re really cool and as avid doll collectors, we think these are the next big things.

Here’s one Kerrie made (of herself)

and which she has now made her Curicon profile picture. There’s an uncanny likeness! Here’s the cold hard evidence;

It’s really great to see somebody doing something so different in the toy industry. You can sign up for your Makie account here. Just look for this sign

Are we missing anything else? Is there anything that’s not on the Curicon website that you think should be there? Let us know through Twitter, Facebook or Email.


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