Nerds of the World Unite – Curicon launched on International Nerd Pride Day!

Happy International Nerd Pride Day! The day when you celebrate your nerdiness with pride, when you dig out those glasses held together with some sticky-tape and reminisce about the days when being a nerd meant you had a ‘spidey sense’ for bullies throughout your high-school career. Nowadays it’s cool to be a geek and now the hipsters are in on the act. But you, YOU have the original Pac-Man t-shirt, the 1985 Yak Face action figure from Star Wars IN IT’S ORIGINAL PACKAGING and the original Commodore 64. You my friend are the original nerd. Be very proud. This little guys is…

That’s why we have created Curicon. A cromulent place for lovers of geek and pop culture to come together, upload, share and talk about their collections. What’s your juice? Whether your passion lies in comics, action figures, miniatures, Lego, digital pets, Star Wars memorabilia, die-cast models or vintage posters, we at Curicon have you covered.

AND we’ve finally made it. After weeks and months of toil, hard work, sleepless nights and far too many energy drinks, we’ve done it! The new Curicon is here…and it arrived just in time for International Nerd Pride Day!

For the past few weeks, we know we’ve been quite cloak & dagger about what we’ve been up to. All you guys knew was that we were busy doing a lot of coding. Well, the wait is finally over and we can reveal… ta-da! A brand new shiny Curicon with all the trimmings.

There are so many new features like the Q&A section, the discussion section, pages to discover events and a marketplace where you can become a fan of your favourite stores.

We have also introduced a brand new feature called Nerd Alert! It’s a weekly mini-interview with a famous nerd and our very first Nerd Alert is with…drumroll please….ALEX ZALBEN!  We introduced you to Alex a couple of weeks ago. He’s the man behind Elephant Larry and also presents Comic Book Club. Besides being super nice, he’s also a super nerd. You can and should follow him on Twitter @azalben and Facebook.

We don’t want this to descend into an Oscar-esque thank you list but we would just like to say a colossal THANK YOU to all of you who made Curicon what it was today. Honestly. Without the constant feedback from our users, Curicon might not have been nearly as awesome as it is. We appreciate you guys more than you will ever know . And we’re pretty proud of it!

Please do continue to send us feedback. We love hearing from you guys, even if you just want a chat!

Nerds of the World Unite!


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