So this is what we’re mainly looking like this week. The Zen has left the building, our chi is out of whack, we’re a bit frazzled but secretly we’re loving it.

In just a few days Curicon will go from this 

to this… 

We were always beautiful, but we just needed a bit of a makeover 🙂

So the countdown is almost over! Things are hectic and crazy and we’ve just discovered what real stress is. Yes, first world problems abound in the Curicon office! Still, we wouldn’t change anything for the world. It’s incredibly exciting to be in on this journey.

We’re almost there (at the starting point really) but we just want to say thank you to everybody for sticking with us this far. Wait until you see the new collectibles experience that awaits you. It’s going to be awesome!

Because we don’t have time for our usual spiel of awesomeness, we will leave you with a few websites we recommend you check out.

 Spoke with the awesome Brian Truitt of USA Today this week. He’s, like, the nicest guy and if you guys haven’t done so already you should check him out on the Lifestyle section of USA Today. He’s really funny. You can also follow him on Twitter @briantruitt

 Also awesome is the multi-talented Max Engel of Not just a site for fans of Lego but genuinely a site that’s full of amazing Lego creations. You can check it all out here. It’s really cool.

 For the art lovers among you (hands up!!) here is a pretty cool site you should check out by Onezumi Hartstein. No, we can’t pronounce her full name either but she does say that Oni will do….see her amazing artwork here

And because we never leave you without a video, here’s a random episode of The Guild that made us laugh!

Have a great weekend you guys. As always, send us comments, questions, queries and riddles to We love hearing from you all!


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