Not the News of the Week!

The countdown is on and in just a few weeks we’ll have everything ready for Show ‘n’ Tell. Yes, that’s right, we’ll be rolling out a completely new-look Curicon for you guys so just sit tight and we promise, amazing things are in the pipeline!

What’s gotten us excited this week? Well, lots of things…

 For a start, the announcement by DC Comics that the Green Lantern Annual #1 will be available from August 29th.

Bringing together the might of writer Goeff Johns and artist Ethan Ethan Van Sciver, who have previously collaborated on such titles as GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, GREEN LANTERN: THE SINESTRO CORPS WAR and THE FLASH: REBIRTH.

Hmm…..Wonder if you can pre-order???

Happy Birthday Wolfenstein!!! 20 years young and STILL epic! It’s the legendary game that launched the First Person Shooter Genre and now, it’s available on iTunes. Awesome!

Even if you’re not a Lego fan (who isn’t??) you have to admit that this is pretty awesome work by DeTomaso Pantera. We found it on the Brothers Brick website. The detail is incredible…

The news guaranteed to make nerds everywhere empty their piggy banks. People attending Star Wars weekends at Walt Disney Orlando from May 18th to June 16th can now opt to get a figure made of themselves trapped in a block of carbonite for $100. We say, I’ll take two!

We found this particularly useful bit of info on awesome site Topless RobotWander over and take a peek at them…they’re fun.

New things in the Library

Aimee has been busy at work this week, uploading items to make the library even bigger and better. We currently have 115,870 items in the database and it’s growing day by day.

New to the Curicon Library are Tonner Dolls, Integrity Dolls, Ashton Drake Dolls and the really cool Living Dead Doll Collection. So, what are you waiting for? If you have, had or want these get clicking and add them to your collection!

If anybody is looking for some cool new sites for your geeky/nerdy fix, may we suggest that you check out Geek of Oz. Covering movie, comic book reviews, anime, manga and book news AND there are some amazing interviews with very cool people such as Neil Gaiman. Get thee to the Geek!

And because we never leave you without at least one video. This week sees Captain America surprising a very small fan.

Have an awesome week guys and remember, any suggestions, comments, complaints about the site, email us at

Talk soon!


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