The Week in Brief

Ron Burgandy - once again NOT reading the Curicon News

The week in brief from Curicon;

Happy burger Friday everybody! Well, you may not be having burgers but we certainly are. Sitting down by the creek Huck Finn-style chomping on potential coronaries wrapped in greasy paper, watching the ducks and the world go by. James Stewart was right; it’s a wonderful life.

So what have we been doing this week I hear you ask? Oh this and that. Just the usual you know; creating awesome new user features just so you can curate your own collection. Our library catalogue is growing at a rapid rate so keep checking in with us and continually add to your collection, or at the very least your wishlist.

So, another week has flown rapidly by. This is exciting because it brings us ever closer to the date when we bring you lots of cool features to the site. It also brings us closer to the night when we can get 8 hours full-uninterrupted sleep, breath a sigh of relief… and tackle the next Curicon challenge. And no, we can’t tell you what that is just yet J

For the procrastinators among you, here is our weekly round-up of videos guaranteed to be a time-suck but also definitely worth watching,;

Take a look at Frankie and Dottie as they try to work the ‘tweet machine’. It’s like looking at your granny. Or for Kerrie, it’s like a flash-forward into her future…

Bohemian Rhapsody like you’ve never seen it sung before;

Watching the Avengers trailer more times than could be considered normal;

And checking out cool Lego creations


Nerds we’ve been loving this week;

So we made some more new friends this week. Because we’re so nice that everybody wants to be our friend (or maybe they just want to play with our cool toy collection???)… Either way, this week we met Leonardo Ramirez, talented Sci-Fi and Fantasy author. He’s the author of Jupiter Chronicles and Haven of Dante. If you get a chance you should take a look at his pitch for self-publishing on Indie Gogo. He’s super-nice, really talented and absolutely guaranteed to be one of the next big authors. You heard it here first folks!

For you Nerdy Nerds out there….if you haven’t done so already, you just definitely check out the Crazy Sexy Geeks podcast. Whether you’re an old hand at this nerd buzz or you’ve just started getting your geek on, the lovely Alan Kistler and the lovelier Jill Pantozzi combine dating advice with the latest in entertainment news. Not to be missed 🙂

We have also been reading the hilarious advice column/web comic Dear Dinosaur that you can read here. It’s written by Ryan L. Schrodt who is currently in the process of bringing Dear Dino from the web to the actual world. Well… he’s bringing a real comic out…not…yeah, you know.

On that completely random note we will leave you. Feel free to send all comments and suggestions on a postcard (or email). Gifts via mail  🙂

Have an awesome week!


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