The week in brief from Curicon HQ*…

This week we have mainly been coding and developing some awesome new features for the site, watching more youtube clips than can possibly be considered healthy, doing a bit more coding, being jealous of all the peeps on Twitter who are going to C2E2 and chatting with some really fun Curicon followers. We also had a photoshoot with some really cool characters. They moved in this week and they don’t take up too much space. But their language is atrociously foul. Here they are;

And a few more…

Saving the world!

He of the Scandinavian good looks

We currently have 106,788 items in the Curicon Library of collectables which we like to think is fairly awesome progress since January this year.  So far, our categories include Action Figures, Plushies, Dolls, Vinyl Toys, Comic Books, Warhammer, Scale Models, Lego, Manga, Trading Cards, Video Games, Digital Pets (for all those 90’s kids out there) and Games Consoles to name just a few. Take a cruise around the site and if there’s anything you think we should have on the site or anything you want to contribute, let us know here. Curicon is built by collectors for collectors and we really want to hear any feedback you might have, good or bad; just don’t make us cry. Or he shall smite you….The best part of today is that it’s Friday. Not alone is it Friday but it’s ‘Burger Friday’-a Curicon ritual designed to delight and distract us from the aforementioned activities. A ritual where silliness is not just a possibility but also a requisite. It usually involves the Curicon imps digging around the creek trying to get a look at the resident lizards (no that’s not a metaphor, there really are lizards).

This is Matt in his hat. Not a lizard

This is a Lizard. Not Matt













In an impressive bout of name-dropping, we have to tell you that we had the good fortune to make friends this week with the lovely Alex Zalben, he of Elephant Larry & Comic Book Club fame (yes, we know you’re jealous and frankly, you should be). He’s even nicer than we thought he could possibly be. And yes, we’re gushing a little bit but it’s allowed.

He also looks much more real than this picture would have you believe

Youtube videos we’re loving this week…

An anthem for geeks and nerds everywhere, the multi-talented Felicia Day (is there anything this woman can’t do?) and The Guild, “I’m the one that’s Cool”

Honestly, this will just turn you to mush inside. The cutest, smartest kid who has his own games arcade made from cardboard. We challenge you not to love it.

And not just because he’s our new best friend (BFF might be pushing it but you never know) but also because it’s an awesome episode, here’s the first @Nerdist Channel episode of Comic Book Live

Lest you think we’re simply coasting along watching Youtube videos, we have also been hard at work developing new features for Curicon that promise awesomeness, cult-like passion and a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Trumpet-blowing much? There’s no room for modesty here so if that’s your bag, move along. Nothing to see here 🙂

Keep checking in with us to see what we’re up to. Or just stop by to say hello. We like meeting new friends. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+

*WARNING: Read this on your lunch break. We’re not sure how easily you can pass off watching youtube videos as ‘work’. Unless you’re Kevin Alloca.


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